Pollinator interactions between Bombus hypnorum and Echinops sp.

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Authors Title Journal Pub Year Pub Vol DOI Methology Pollinator Survey Plant Survey NBN Pollinator Code COL Pollinator Code Pollinator Species Caste NBN Plant Code COL Plant Code Plant Species Interactions Date Month Year Grid Letter Grid Code Latitude Longitude Habitat Pollina-tion Quality Pollen Nectar Record
H. E. Cunnold (2018) Distinguishing pollination from visitation: the value of a pollinator effectiveness and pollinator importance n… Revide Biologieffectiveness Tropih l 2018 NA NA DO Group Group NHMSYS0000875564   Bombus hypnorum NA NHMSYS0000458270   Echinops sp. 27 TR 319414 51.125 1.313 Urban 2 Y NA 11207
R.F. Comont et al. (2019) Bumblebee Conservation Trust: BeeWalk Annual Report 2020 Bumblebee Conservation Trust 2019 NA 10.15468/xde3qb DO Group All NHMSYS0000875564   Bombus hypnorum M NHMSYS0000458270   Echinops sp. 2 28 7 2013 TQ 282861 51.5591 -0.152 Neutral Grassland 3 NA NA 72573