Pollinator interactions between Bombus terrestris and Solanum rostratum

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Authors Title Journal Pub Year Pub Vol DOI Methology Pollinator Survey Plant Survey NBN Pollinator Code Pollinator Species Caste NBN Plant Code Plant Species Interactions Date Month Year Grid Letter Grid Code Latitude Longitude Habitat Pollina-tion Quality Pollen Nectar Record
P. A. De Luca et al. (2013) Variability in bumblebee pollination buzzes affects the quantity of pollen released from flowers Oecologia 2013 172 10.1007/s00442-012-2535-1 DO Single species Single species NHMSYS0000875595 Bombus terrestris NBNSYS0000034341 Solanum rostratum 2010 NS 809963 56.1444 -3.9184 Arable and Horticulture 1 Y Y 27278