Pollinator interactions between Andrena bicolor and Crepis capillaris

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Authors Title Journal Pub Year Pub Vol DOI Methology Pollinator Survey Plant Survey NBN Pollinator Code Pollinator Species Caste NBN Plant Code Plant Species Interactions Date Month Year Grid Letter Grid Code Latitude Longitude Habitat Pollina-tion Quality Pollen Nectar Record
R. N. Nichols et al. (2019) The best wildflowers for wild bees Journal of Insect Conservation 2019 DO Group All NHMSYS0000875171 Andrena bicolor F NBNSYS0000004576 Crepis capillaris 2 8 7 2018 ST 740701 51.4294 -2.3744 Arable and Horticulture 3 609
G.F. Scott-Elliot (1896) The Flora of Dumfriesshire Biodiversity Heritage 1896 10.5962/bhl.title.21626 DO All Group NHMSYS0000875171 Andrena bicolor NBNSYS0000004576 Crepis capillaris NX 0 0 3 664
M. L. Forup et al. (2005) The restoration of plant-pollinator interactions in Hay meadows Restoration Ecology 2005 13 10.1111/j.1526-100X.2005.00034.x DO All All NHMSYS0000875171 Andrena bicolor NBNSYS0000004576 Crepis capillaris 1 ST 57 51.42 -2.72 Rough Grassland 3 660