Pollinator interactions between Episyrphus balteatus and Echium vulgare

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Authors Title Journal Pub Year Pub Vol DOI Methology Pollinator Survey Plant Survey NBN Pollinator Code COL Pollinator Code Pollinator Species Caste NBN Plant Code COL Plant Code Plant Species Interactions Date Month Year Grid Letter Grid Code Latitude Longitude Habitat Pollina-tion Quality Pollen Nectar Record
D. Goulson et al. (1998) Flower constancy in the hoverflies Episyrphus balteatus (Degeer) and Syrphus ribesii (L.) (Syrphidae) Behavioral Ecology 1998 9 10.1093/beheco/9.3.213 DO Group Group NBNSYS0000006916 6FY28 Episyrphus balteatus NA NBNSYS0000004019   Echium vulgare 1995 SU 417139 50.923 -1.408 Fen, Marsh and Swamp 3 NA NA 33330